Mueller REVIVE; Compression Therapy Takes Pain Relief to a New Level


(NewsUSA) - Whether you are recovering from surgery, injury, a hard workout, or just the stress of daily living, a new, noninvasive, innovative compression therapy can help promote healing and get you back to everyday life.

Pneumatic compression therapy is a physical therapy technique that helps improve lymphatic and venous circulation throughout the body. This therapy can aid in the treatment of edema, lymphedema, and circulatory problems by using inflatable boots and sleeve garments to help enhance circulation. A battery powered device works to pump air into the garments, applying precise pressure to help promote fluid movement and the body’s natural circulation. By gradually compressing and releasing the extremity, the device and garments work together to help speed recovery and reduce pain by flushing out lymphatic waste and toxins.

The all-new Mueller REVIVETM pneumatic compression therapy technology brings the benefits of compression therapy to everyone, not just elite athletes, or hospital patients. Developed by Mueller Sports Medicine, a global leader in sports medicine with more than 60 years of expertise, REVIVETM doesn’t just squeeze muscles, but provides a graduated compression therapy session to aid in the body’s natural circulation and healing process.

Anyone who has had a long day on their feet, or those who spend extended periods of time sitting may also benefit from REVIVETM pneumatic compression therapy. Distinctive potential benefits of the REVIVETM system include:

-Reduced swelling.

-Increased circulation.

-Decreased pain.

-Improved sleep.

-Accelerated recovery.

“I am excited for REVIVETM because it is a great new treatment for athletes and the general public,” says Brett Mueller, CEO of Mueller Sports Medicine. “Our manufacturer has over 40 years of experience in the hospital market, and Mueller Sports Medicine has 60 years under our belt, which makes us highly qualified in our field,” he adds. The REVIVETM system “is truly a high-performing product with results you can feel.”

The results of REVIVETM are reflected in testimonials from all types of users; athletes, truck drivers, construction workers, nurses, travelers, senior citizens and more all benefit from REVIVETM. Users notice the impact of REVIVETM immediately. After they enjoy a quick session of REVIVETM, they claim a reduction in pain and an increase in hope and confidence for the future. 

The REVIVETM compression technology offers a portable 8-hour rechargeable battery device with plug and play therapy pressure and time settings and two full leg boot garments made of easy to clean, durable biocompatible material. Mueller Sports Medicine also offers other options that include but are not limited to an advanced device with Bluetooth connectivity and additional treatment modes for greater flexibility.

The REVIVETM compression full leg boots are available in three sizes: small, medium and large, but the REVIVETM product portfolio does not stop there. To help reduce pain in more than just the legs, Mueller Sports Medicine offers the benefits of REVIVETM in other compression garments such as calf boots (covering the feet and calves), pants/torso (covering the feet, legs, glutes and lower back), core (covering the thighs, glutes and abdomen), arm/shoulder (covering the arm and shoulder, but not the hand), complete jacket (covering arm, shoulder, and much of torso, but not the hand).  For more information please go to: